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Xujo 87
Xujo 87 man vyberte si sami, pohrajte si... L
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intenzivní pohyb, rybaření, lezení ledů, skialpinismus, lyžování, zimní táboření, expediční činnost, horolezectví, toulky přírodou, turistika
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klimatické podmínky
vyberte si sami, pohrajte si...
made by Luhačovice
made by Luhačovice
production in our workshop in Luhačovice
transport is free
transport is free
over 1 500 CZK you do not pay shipping
vapour permeable
vapour permeable
vapour permeable material, "breathes" away from the body
wind resistant
wind resistant
does not blow
water resistant
water resistant
waterproof according to the water column
Hydrophobic Extreme
Hydrophobic Extreme
water repellent finish
ptfe free
ptfe free
without the use of non-organic fluorine
Do you want to have an original jacket? Where you can specify the colours yourself? They won't make one in China. We do in Faramug! Waterproof, highly vapor-permeable and windproof.
Why FARAMUGO? Premium quality at a reasonable price, functional Nanomembrane® materials, 100% Czech production , 3-year warranty and full service.
I like mountains, hiking, rock climbing and skiing. And for hiking I need a comfortable and functional jacket. This is the versatile Xujo outdoor jacket made of Nanomembrane® fabric. I was impressed that the jacket is light, airy and very packable. It's also environmentally friendly without the use of water and PTFE. I don't have to wash it often and it extends the life of the product. In the configurator I chose the colors that I like. I can see myself in them in pictures in the snow and in the debris. Already on the first trip the Xujo proved to be a good choice. The jacket is comfortable, doesn't hinder movement and protects from bad weather. And it's lightweight, I won't tire prematurely by wearing an unnecessary mass of material! The jacket has survived many other trips, winter and summer walking, skiing and climbing. I appreciated the easy-going two-way zipper. The extended back aided in comfort and I adjusted the inner brake around my body. I put spare gloves in the two hand pockets with WR zippers and a cell phone in the left outer chest pocket. When it started to get windy, I put a hood on the helmet with a reinforced visor and a 3-point adjustment. Otherwise I wear it packed up like a collar. The chin-raised front of the collar kept my neck warm, as well as my chin and neck. I pulled the sleeves down with one hand using the velcro around my wrists. Large vents with WR zippers provided me with solid thermoregulation. They also pulled down nicely in the gloves thanks to the large pull tabs with stylish FRMG letters.After a successful hike, I always simply hang my Xujo by its loop in the mountain hut. The jacket has a label printed on the back to write your name or phone number. Even if I forget it there, the good people will let me know.
Have you been folding Legos? Fold your Xujo! In the configurator, you enter the colours of the individual parts and the zipper, see what the result looks like and send it to us. We will sew the original according to your wishes.
Want to know more?
Czech Nanomembrane® material, 3-layer, 100% PL. The membrane can withstand high and extremely low temperatures, washing and mechanical stress.
Weight 200 g/m2, vapour permeability Ret 3,5 Pa.m2.W-1, water resistance 20.000 mm.
Oleophobicity 8/8, water repellency 5/5 - PFC free, HYDROPHOBIC EXTREME finish.
Side pocket size (men's L) - entry 19 cm, h. 16 cm, length 26 cm + extra 8 cm inner.
Seams are glued with narrow 13 mm Bemis English tape.
Weight 540 g (men's size L).


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České materiály Nanomembrane

  • jako 1. na světě šijeme z nanomembránových tkanin
  • lehké, měkké a vysoce paropropustné tkaniny
  • bundy pružné a voděodolné, dobře se nosí
  • zajímavé barvy dle ISPO trendů, bez použití PFC

Zdeněk „Háček“ Hák testoval materiály Nanomembrane