Thank you for visiting our store, where we offer you Faramugo products. That is outdoor clothing with applied nanomembrane technology, mainly jackets and trousers. We also have a configurator for jackets, where you can choose the combination of colours and play with them like a building block. Also underwear and accessories. We also produce sewn technical products.

We also offer products from other brands, such as the comfortable and durable Planika boot and climbing shoes or Bufo sandals. Want to dress up? We can even dress you. We have lightweight Joma trekking boots. We also offer technical gadgets to make your stay in nature and on rivers more enjoyable. Like lightweight pumps, vacuum packs or active LED lighting.
This selection is driven by the mountains, we only sell what we use ourselves in the outdoors and know from extreme conditions. 
We also offer our own artwork and books. Which is also Faramugo, these are the creations of our corporate offshoot NelaArt and writer's hobby.
The breadth of the range is characterised by our production according to the motto FARAMUGO, YOUR CZECH MOUNTAIN TAILOR. We are life and product focused on hiking, mountaineering, rivers, skis and scooters.

WHY shop at Faramugo?
A solid ratio between price and quality of workmanship. Excellent vapour permeability of nanomembrane technology. 100% Czech production under the motto FARAMUGO, YOUR CZECH MOUNTAIN TAILOR. Full manufacturer service. Clean and simple design and full functionality. Our work and experience as a family business with an eco-friendly approach.
Take your mobile phone in your hand, check out our offer. We are delighted if you do so with the help of fragrant, hot coffee from the sofa in your living room. We'll be pleased if we capture your attention in the tranquility of a mountain cabin, hidden in the unbarked woods. We'll be thrilled if you wander onto our website with the help of frozen fingers in a hanging bed on a mountain wall...

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