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Faramugo Rucksack Atrack 25 petrol

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EAN 4013051052306
204.59 €
weight1.00 Kg
volume weight0.00 Kg

transport is free

transport is free
over 3 000 CZK you do not pay shipping

water resistant

water resistant
waterproof according to the water column

ptfe free

ptfe free
without the use of non-organic fluorine


All 100% waterproof and "Made in Germany". 5 year warranty. Ortlieb's waterproof products have proven themselves in extreme cycling. In Faramug we produce sewn parts of recumbents and recumbent bikes for the importer Azub. We use Ortlieb products ourselves. We focus on mountain and river products. 


Use the Atrack backpack for casual errands and shorter trips.
Designed in the spirit of functionality and minimalism.
Waterproof backpack with opening as a travel bag. You don't have to search in vain for a forgotten trinket in the depths of your backpack. The packing process is faster.
Things stay dry in the backpack thanks to the nylon material and the TIZIP zipper.
It has infinite back height adjustment and IP67 waterproof rating.
It can attach other accessories to the mesh strap using the compression straps.
The TIZIP waterproof zipper is on the back. It offers a wide opening for packing and free access to belongings.
When the pack is on your back, it is protected from snags.
Padded back with good ventilation.
4 interior zippered pockets and compression strap make packing and unpacking easier.
Ergonomic straps.
External mesh pockets.
Mesh straps with removable compression straps.
Detachable waist strap with zipped mesh pockets.
Hermetic seal for camel bag hose outlet (not included).
Internal compression strap.
Carabiner for keys.
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Technical data

Volume 25 l.
Weight 1.220 g.
Material PS33, very durable.
Load capacity 10 kg.
Dimensions h. 56 x w. 26 x d. 25 cm.
Manufacturer ORTLIEB, Germany. Made in Germany sustainably and without the use of PVC.


Nad hodnotu nákupu 3.000,- Kč s DPH vč.0,- Kč
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Platba bankovním převodem0,- Kč
Platba kartou přes platební bránu0,- Kč


  • PPL na vámi zadanou adresu                          120,- Kč
  • PPL Parcelshop do 5 kg                                 100,- Kč (uloženo 7 dní)
  • Osobní odběr ve Faramugu                            0,- Kč (dle dohody)
  • Zásilkovna na adresu                                    120,- Kč
  • Zásilkovna na výdejní místo                           70,- Kč
  • PPL Parcel Connect na adresu                        10,- EUR (jen Slovensko, Německo, Rakousko, Polsko, Maďarsko)
  • PPL Parcel Connect na adresu                        15,- EUR (do ostatních zemí EU)
  • PPL Parcel Connect Smart na výdejní místo     10,- EUR (jen Slovensko, Německo, Polsko)
  • Zásilkovna na adresu do 5 kg                         7,- EUR (Slovensko a EU)

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