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Bushcraft jacket Faramugo Cudbi khaki
204.80 €
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fishing, winter camping, nature walks, hiking,
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made by Luhačovice
made by Luhačovice
production in our workshop in Luhačovice
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Hydrophobic Extreme
Hydrophobic Extreme
water repellent finish
ptfe free
ptfe free
without the use of non-organic fluorine
Benefits? Comfortable and durable organic cotton in colours that blend in with nature. Just classic.
Why FARAMUGO? Premium quality at a reasonable price, functional Nanomembrane® materials, 100% Czech production , 3-year warranty and full service.
Cotton kangaroo "bushcraft" with hood.
Designed for the outdoors, where you want to blend in with the environment. And where you expect good protection from the weather.
Bushcraft is survival in the harsh outdoors. But we don't want to barely survive, we want to have fun, to enjoy survival - just like a visit to the supermarket. Robinson Crusoe, aka Sasha Selkirk, was a bushcrafter through and through. So it's a return to the roots of how people trod the planet in ancient times. Bushcraft is outdoor. It's just not really into sports, into fashion trends - those are more for the city than the outdoors.
With the HYDROPHOBIC EXTREME treatment. Environmentally friendly production (no water or harmful PTFE). All this reduces the need for washing and extends the life of the product.
The particular size is a drop larger, under the jacket can take underwear, sweater, beer belly...
The bottom of the jacket reinforced, significantly extended back (you can sit on the fabric on a stump or on a hunted boar).
Side zipper on the right side makes it easier to dress (and undress, we will not be in the jacket forever....). And it ventilates.
And side adjustments at the waist and hip area.
A simple hood. Significantly protects and covers the head and face. Or cut it down and you can see something too. Even the evil housekeeper won't hurt you if she throws a bucket of water. Multi-point drawstring.
The jacket can be buttoned up to the chin and perfectly protects your neck from Mrs. Cold.
The sleeves have sewn-in wedges in the armpits - better ergonomics of the jacket, it does not roll up even when you lift your arm.
The ends of the sleeves are tightened by a short elastic band, the tailored regulation is fine-tuned by a velcro belt and buttons.
Shaped and reinforced elbows.
Giant zipped kangaroo pocket and double-sided hand pocket underneath.
Drawstring with elastic and buttons, all fastenings lined with flap - against wind, water.
Want to know more?
Durable Egyptian bio-cotton, 100% CO, 230 g/m2.
Fabric with fine pattern.
Oleophobicity 8/8, water repellency 5/5 - PFC free.
HYDROPHOBIC EXTREME treatment. Environmentally friendly production without water and PTFE. All this reduces the need for washing and extends the life of the product.
The fabric has been sanforized. It will not shrink further with washing and careless treatment.
Solid abrasion resistance.
Pocket sizes-hand pocket w. 35 x h. 36, main top pocket w. 26 x h. 35.5 and cell phone pocket w. 11.5 x h. 19.5.
Weight 670 g (size L).


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