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Bushcraft kalhoty Faramugo Surval pánské khaki L

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Určenítoulky přírodou, turistika
weight1.00 Kg
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klimatické podmínkyletní

made by luhačovice

made by luhačovice
production in our workshop in Luhačovice

transport is free

transport is free
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Hydrophobic Extreme

Hydrophobic Extreme
water repellent finish

ptfe free

ptfe free
without the use of non-organic fluorine


Premium quality and durable biocotton that lasts. Plus a comfortable and practical fit and superior tailoring.
Why FARAMUGO? Premium quality at a reasonable price, functional Nanomembrane® materials, 100% Czech production , 3-year warranty and full service.


Cotton trousers.
"Bushcraft" is survival in the harsh outdoors. But we don't want to barely survive, we want to have fun, to enjoy survival - just like a visit to the supermarket. Robinson Crusoe, aka Sasha Selkirk, was a bushcrafter through and through. So it's a return to the roots of how people trod the planet in ancient times. Bushcraft is outdoor. It's just not really into sports, into fashion trends - those are more for the city than the outdoors.
For those who want to blend into nature. For dudes, photographers, hunters, who want natural and non-sticky material.
3-season stays in the woods or on the steppe and wanderings around the cottage.
Partial waist drawcord with sewn-in elastic, zipper closure with 2 buttons, strong belt loops.
2 hand pockets with knife clip reinforcement.
2 large "cargo" pockets on the thighs with Velcro fasteners. Positioned so as not to impede movement or sitting.
Pants do not have back pockets (you won't sweat where the muscles are bulkiest and sit on bacon bread)
Shaped knees. Pants reinforced at the knees and "seat".
The legs are fastened around the shoe with a Velcro strap.
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Technical data

Durable Egyptian bio-cotton, 100% CO, 230 g/m2.
Fabric with fine pattern.
Oleophobicity 8/8, water repellency 5/5 - PFC free.
HYDROPHOBIC EXTREME treatment. Environmentally friendly production without water and PTFE. All this reduces the need for washing and extends the life of the product.
The fabric has been sanforized. It will not shrink further with washing and careless treatment.
Solid abrasion resistance.
Weight 570 g (Mr. size L).
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Nad hodnotu nákupu 3.000,- Kč s DPH vč.0,- Kč
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  • PPL na vámi zadanou adresu                          120,- Kč
  • PPL Parcelshop do 5 kg                                 100,- Kč (uloženo 7 dní)
  • Osobní odběr ve Faramugu                            0,- Kč (dle dohody)
  • Zásilkovna na adresu                                    120,- Kč
  • Zásilkovna na výdejní místo                           70,- Kč
  • PPL Parcel Connect na adresu                        10,- EUR (jen Slovensko, Německo, Rakousko, Polsko, Maďarsko)
  • PPL Parcel Connect na adresu                        15,- EUR (do ostatních zemí EU)
  • PPL Parcel Connect Smart na výdejní místo     10,- EUR (jen Slovensko, Německo, Polsko)
  • Zásilkovna na adresu do 5 kg                         7,- EUR (Slovensko a EU)

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